Cleaning Your Memory Foam Mattress – Tips to Extend Its Lifestyle


In the event you have invested within the correct memory foam mattress then you will be assured of completely restful sleep because your weight will be evenly distributed on it. In other words, these costly mattresses are worth every penny you spend on them. However, you do have to be aware that you simply cannot clean them just like you clean regular mattresses since they are produced of different materials. Regular cleaning is extremely essential because they can harbor dust mites, even when food, urine and other contaminants do not drop on them. The following tips will help you I am cleaning your new mattress from


one. Vacuum the mattress completely in order to remove dust and dust mites. Make certain to operate your vacuum cleaner all over it and the sides also. It is best to use a hand held cleaner because this allows you to clean with care.


two. Most mattresses come with a cotton include which can be removed. When the care instructions state that it can be washed then you need to definitely do so.


  1. Mattresses are bound to soak up liquids no make a difference how careful you are. You can lightly mist the mattress having a solution of vinegar in water, using care not to soak the mattress in it. This answer will get rid of any residual odors and will also help keep bacterial growth under control. Let the mattress dry within the air before you cover it up once more.


four. If urine has soaked into the mattress then you should spray it having a solution containing liquid soap or apply it having a towel soaked within the solution. Depart the answer in place for an hour or so or else it will not be in a position to do its work. Use a clean towel to press down around the spot in order to assist absorb all of the moisture such as the urine. When you are satisfied that most or all of the urine has been removed then you can dry the mattress under a fan.


  1. Never soak your mattress in water purposefully because it is extremely absorbent and will take ages to dry. In fact, it will most likely get mold before it dries out


six. If there is a wet patch on your mattress then baking soda powder can be applied to it. It will draw the moisture out and can then be cleaned away. It has the additional advantage of helping get rid of poor odors.


While you can see, you can effortlessly keep your memory foam mattress clean on your own. This will also help you extend the lifestyle of your mattress.


High quality mattresses need to be looked following well in order to ensure best overall performance.